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Frequently asked questions-real estate evaluations

  1. Price of the evaluation
  2. Evaluation method
  3. Technical section
  4. The accuracy of the evaluation
  5. Privacy
  6. Recommendations about promptitude of the sale
  1. Price of the evaluation

    1. Price of the evaluation - How much is it? Will it pay off ?

      A:  We decided to demand a small fee for our evaluations. Thanks to it we can furthermore improve our services and provide you with a richer information service. The fee for the evaluation is different according to the type of the realty ? from 99 to 249 czech crown? 4 to 10 euro. We hope you will be satisfied, having compared such as token fee to the benefit you gain. Thanks to our service you will be able to avoid harsh bargain with your realty. .

      We will append a short one-time advertisement to the evaluation we send you.

    2. We offer you also preparation of an expert opinion on the price of all types of real estate anywhere in the Czech Republic. Our opinions are fully accepted by official authorities. Prices are individually calculated according to characteristics of the valued property.

  2. Evaluation method

    1. Evaluation method

      O:  We are using the knowledge and experience of our realty specialists and appraisers to work up all the evaluations.

      During the evaluation following attributes are taken into account:
      • location, prize maps, demographic indicators
      • calculations involving important attributes of your realty
      • previous purchases of realties similar to yours
      • development of the realty markets
      • opinion and experience of our experts

      As you can see, there are many attributes important for making up the evaluation. But you can affect the accuracy of our evaluation as well, by making the description of your realty as accurate as possible.

      The price you get is a current price, that´s the price which is common in the region for realty such as yours in the time of elaboration of the estimation.

      But you must be aware that the price you get is an estimate and likely price - the exact sum you get depends on the bargain you strike with the potentional buyer and on the terms you negotiate.

  3. Technical section

    1. What´s the right way to write down the description of the realty?
      A:  The forms used for writing down the description of a flat, an allotement or a family house are opened after you click on buttons with the same names. They are placed on the right side of our web pages.
    2. What are the required characteristics? I can´t send the form because another characteristic is required.
      A:  The engine of our pages secures all the important characteristics to be filled in. All obligatory characteristics are marked with small red assembler star ( * ). After clicking the Send application form button, the engine will type out missing characteristics if there are any. If you are not sure what to fill in, there is a help panel on the left side of our web pages. There you can find all necessary information for all the parts of the form. If all necessary is filled in, you will pass to the next step.
    3. I can´t send the application in the second step.
      A: During this stage you should check all the characteristics of your realty. If there are any wrong characteristics, especialy built-up area, number of storeys, floor areas etc., you can hardly expect to get an appropriate estimation. You can read the Terms of use here and you must accept them. You must transcribe a text from picture. It´s a protection against SPAM bots. Rarely there might occur a problem - the system displays error "wrongly transcribed text" even if it was correctly written down and all the filled information are missing. This is caused by the setting of you web browser. You must temporaly lower the level of security to middle level in the Optinons-Security-Privacy to be able to send the application.
    4. How do I find out you have received my application and when do I get the estimation?
      A:  In the time of inscripting your apllication into our database a confirmation email is generated and sent to your email adress. We are working up the evaluations continuously and our estimators have a fully flexible working time. It takes several days to work up the evaluation, although it can take more time if our service is overcommitted by a great number of applications from other clients.
    5. I sent you the application quite a long time ago and I haven´t received the estimation yet.
      A:  If you received the confirmation email saying that we had received the application, then be sure we are working up the evaluation, only it can take more time if our service is overrcommitted by a great number of applications sent by other clients. If you haven´t received the confirmation email, there might have been a problem when sending the application or you might have filled in an incorrect email adress? Please resend the application. In case there is the same problem again contact us, please.
  4. The accuracy of the evaluation

    1. You sent me a price which is not correct, not accurate. I purchased the realty for a different sum of money. Another estimator or estate agent put on a different price of the realty.
      A:  While judging the evaluation we sent you, you should be aware of several facts
      • there are several ways to estimate the realty and different types of prices: determined price using the public notice of Ministry of Finance, reproduction price, price derived from proceeds and common prize. These prices of the same realty might be quite different
      • we send you a common price, here is the definition according to Czech statutory text (free translation):
        Common (current) price is a price that would be achieved in a sale of the same realty estate (eventually similar to this one) in a common commercial intercourse on the date of the evaluation. In the evaluation are all the conditions concerning the realty taken into account. Excluded in the evaluation are exceptional circumstances of the market, personal conditions of a seller or a buyer nor influence of particular popularity. Exceptional circumstances of the market are for example distress of a seller or a buyer, effects of natural disasters etc. Personal conditions are family, property and others types of relationship between a buyer and a seller. Particular popularity is a special value attributed to the realty estate sequent upon personal favour to the realty estate.

        As you can see in the lines above - common prize we sent you is valid only in the the same region and relatively shortly after the date of the evaluation. The price may change during the time, there are other conditions that may change it.
      • obody is perfect. Just like anyone other, our evaluators could make a mistake. Because we have only vicarious information and we have no way of direct estimation of the realty, there is a greater possibilty of our mistake - substandard evaluation. But if you appeal to our partners in the realty estate region, they can set right our evaluation. However, according to our statistics, wrong evaluations present only very small minority of all our evaluations.
      • Mismatched evaluation can also be caused by incorrectly written characteristics of the realty. We may be evaluating a completely different realty from the one you had in your mind. We advise you to follow the help that is displayed in the left part of our pages for every characteristic of the realty
    2. I found almost the same realty in the realty advertising and the price there was higher.
      A:  When looking on the prices in advertising you should be aware that the seller is trying to get the highest possible price for his realty. Also quite often a brokerage and a payment for legal aid are included. Quoted prices are so quite often overcharged. If you take pains over observing the price for a longer time, you will find out that it diminishes till it becomes acceptable for a buyer.
    3. What could I use your evaluation for? Is it applicable for official or court purposes?
      A: This type of estimation is especialy usefull for getting awareness about the common price of your realty. Also it is usefull in case you would like to sell or buy a realty to verify the ask price, so you will gain independent opinion on the price. Because we have no chance of personal examination of the realty, our evaluation can´t have validity of evaluation of an official referee. It´s not usable for official or court purposes. If you need such as evaluation, you can employ our partner - official referee that we recomend you.
  5. Privacy

    1. If I send you my email adress or the adress of my realty, won´t someone pester me ? I want no unasked advertisment or phonecalls.

      A:  We can guarantee that no one else will obtain your email adress, phone number or any information about your realty. This is also written in the Terms of use.

      This informations are only used for purpose of evaluating the realty and sending it back to you. Exceptionally we will dare to inform you about our new services or about an unique offer from our partners.

  6. Recommendations about promptitude of the sale

      When filling the characterics of the realty you can choose the purpose of the evaluation. All is described in the help panel. According to our experience with the Czech realty market we can recomend you for guidance how to change the price we send you in dependence on time period in which you want the bargain with the realty to be completed. You can receive exact recomendation from our bussines partners we recomend you.
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