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Flat evaluation

Choose the type of the evaluation - online evaluation or official appraisal

On-line flat evaluation

  • this evaluation will tell you the actual price of your flat or appartment
  • you can use this appraisal of a flat before purchase or sale
  • swiftness is the advantage of this evaluation, precision guaranted, available in the whole Czech republic
Price: 99 CZK

Official flat appraisal

  • as an appraisal institute we prepare appraisals on the demand of bureaus, authorities, mostly revenue authority
  • real estate appraisal is mostly intended to be used in:
    • estate duty determination
    • bussines negotiations purposes
    • divorce proceedings
    • other official purposes
  • our services are available in the whole Czech republic
Price: from 3.800,- to 6.600,- CZK
Price depends on character of the property and difficulty of creating the appraisal.
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