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Land evaluation

Please choose informative online evaluation ord official lot aprraisal

On-line land evaluation

  • find out easily the actual price of your lot
  • we are capable to make online evaluation thanks to our sophisticated system and our database of properties
  • our appraisers prepare these evaluations, we will guide you when filling all the necessary information about the lot
  • we make out the land evaluation of any lot in the Czech republic
Price: 199 CZK

Official land appraisal

  • Preparation of official land appraisals is one of the main portions of our work. Appraisal institute XP invest prepares appraisals most often for revenue authority, but certainly we prepare appraisals fot other institutions - courts, some banks etc.
  • Official lot appraisal are prepared especially for these purposes:
    • calculation of tax liability after selling the land
    • inheritance proceedings
    • divorce proceedings
    • discharge in bankruptcy
    • determination of collateral in mortgage approval process
  • we have employees and collaborators all across the Czech republic. Thanks to use of modern technologies we guarantee swiftness, quality of the appraisal and fair price of the lot appraisal
Price: from 3.900,- to 7.900,- CZK
Price depends on character of the property and difficulty of creating the appraisal.